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Pride of Zambia

11th July 2022

Zambians be PROUD PROUD PROUD! The 2 amazing young men pictured below, Geofrey Njovu (Right) and Peniel Mubita (Left), just graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, with flying colours.

Geofrey obtained an honours degree in Chemistry and Peniel the same in Electrical Engineering.

Despite his Lozi roots, Peniel is from Serenje, Central Province, and Geofrey is from Kitwe.

Both came to UK on Mastercard Foundation Scholarships.

They worked flatout to achieve such dizzying results, despite being far from home during the Covid19 pandemic.

They more than earned their celebration dinner hosted by a good friend of Zambia here in Scotland

MWABOMBENI BONSE MUKWAI to both young men and to the land which nurtured them to not only succeed but to excell on he global stage. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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