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Following our successful Crowdfunding Appeal for an Oxygen Pipeline for Chitambo Hospital, Central Province, Zambia, we are keeping this portal open for further donations to this or other appeals, including proposed maternity service improvements..

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Save Chitambo District's natural treasures

16th June 2021

Help stop the rape of these irreplaceable treasures of Chitambo District. Once they are gone they are gone and Zambia is the poorer. What for? The short term gain of the greedy few?:

Kasanka National Park is under threat!

This proposed World Heritage Site in Zambia is home to the migration of 10 million fruit bats. Lake Agro Industries have illegally cleared over 560ha of pristine woodland in the zone. The future of the whole area now hangs in the balance. You can play your part by registering your objection to the Environmental Impact Assessment by emailing ZEMA at and quoting reference 'ZEMA/INS/101/4/1'. The more people write, the more urgency the case gets. Read more here: #climatechange #Zambia #environmentaljustice

Please send your objection now. Deadline is tomorrow 16.06.2021

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