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Following our successful Crowdfunding Appeal for an Oxygen Pipeline for Chitambo Hospital, Central Province, Zambia, we are keeping this portal open for further donations to this or other appeals, including proposed maternity service improvements..

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3 more nurses for Zambia

29th April 2021

Congratulations to our graduating Scholarship students Mwenda, Chitambo, and Maureen. We are bursting with pride for them and overwhelmed by their wonderful tributes. Thank you to all 3, you are welcome! It has been a pleasure travelling with you on your training journey. We look forward to seeing your graduation photos.


  • Friends of Chitambo S.C.I.O

    Nurse Mwenda: We are so gratreful and words alone can't express how happy we are. We all did our registration and everything went well, we got all the necessary things required. We'll always speak a blessing upon you FOCH..May God always be with you. We've learnt a lot from you especially showing love to others, we will give back to the community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you🙏🙏🙏

  • Friends of Chitambo S.C.I.O

    Nurse Chitambo: In bemba they say, ushitasha patunono Napa fingi takatashe. which means a person who cannot be gratrful of the little can't be greatful even for the many ,this doesn't mean that what you did to us was little ,NO NO NO in capital letters because it was the help that was meant to enable us live as humans in the societies wherever we shall be, I can just say We are so grateful for the help that you gave to us and words alone can't express how happy we are. We did our registration and everything went well because of your help and we obtained everything that was required because of your help .We'll always uplift you name and we shall continue speaking a blessing upon you FOCH. May God continue blessing you 🙏🙏🙏 and thank you!! Thank you!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Friends of Chitambo S.C.I.O

    Nurse Maureen: I just want to thank the friends of chitambo for all the help and for making it possible for me to achieve my goals.You came through at a time I lost hope of making my dream come were there to encourage us to study hard and you were always their to support us both mentally and financially. It is all because of you the FOCH that am being called a nurse today...I'm really grateful for all the help from the time I started my training till now and I will always be grateful.Today am holding my diploma all thanks to you the FOCH. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU AND REMEMBER YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WORK YOU'RE DOING.🙏

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