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Following our successful Crowdfunding Appeal for an Oxygen Pipeline for Chitambo Hospital, Central Province, Zambia, we are keeping this portal open for further donations to this or other appeals, including proposed maternity service improvements..

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Blog Posts

Leaps and bounds!

7th Jul 2024

Building of the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter

Steady Building Progress

27th Jun 2024

Of the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter (MWS)

An Immense Privilege

21st Jun 2024

Meeting His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia

A massive thanks to RASA

21st Jun 2024

For your generous donation of a laptop computer for use by our Zambian Board

Full Steam Ahead

8th Jun 2024

With digging the MWS foundations

A historic day

4th Jun 2024

The Mothers Waiting Shelter project moves into the implementation phase into the

Special announcement!

26th May 2024

Regarding the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter

A Very Special Award

15th May 2024

From the Zambian Caledonian Society

A double celebration

24th Mar 2024

Chitambo hosts special visitors and celebrates FoCHs 10th Anniversary

Zambian fundraiser

24th Mar 2024

International Womens Day event in Lusaka

A good start to 2024

10th Jan 2024

FoCH Zambia hold their Board meeting at Chitambo

Happy Christmas

24th Dec 2023

Seasons greetings from Friends of Chitambo

Happy 59th!

24th Oct 2023

Zambian Independence Day

Our October Stall

2nd Oct 2023

At the Penicuik Storehouse

Talk about going the extra mile?!

23rd Sep 2023

Sarah-Jayne Lenaerts walks 110 fir ChitMbo

Sarah's Penultimate Walking Day

22nd Sep 2023

In aid of the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter

72 miles down and rising!

21st Sep 2023

Day 4 of Sarah's fundraising walk

Over half way!

20th Sep 2023

Sarah's 100 mile walk for Chitambo!

Superhuman Sarah!

18th Sep 2023

Walking 100 miles for Chitambo Mums

What a Friend we have in Sarah!

10th Sep 2023

Walking in aid of the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter

A big thank you to Flyspec

30th Jun 2023

For a surgical visit to Chitambo

Plenty good news from Chitambo

26th Jun 2023

Oxygen shelter update and a special surgical visit

A high profile visitor

17th Jun 2023

Author/photographer Alastair Scott visits Zambia

Musical support for Chitambo

29th May 2023

A concert in aid of the Mothers Waiting Sheter

A momentous occassion

10th May 2023

His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia, visits Scotland

A Butterfly Walk for Chitambo

1st May 2023

In aid of the Mothers Waiting Shelter

And Friends have yet more friends!

30th Apr 2023

Jordanhill Parish Church, Glasgow, Scotland, offer a fundraising concert

Congratulations Team Swanson!

30th Apr 2023

Completed the Glasgow Kilt Walk 2023

Our new Crowdfunding Appeal is live

20th Mar 2023

Chitambo expectant Mums Insaka/Waiting Shelter

Restocked for Mothers Day!

17th Mar 2023

Our stall at the Penicuik Penicuik Storehouse

Remembering Janet

12th Mar 2023

6th anniversary of the passing of our Honorary President

Hallelujah, it is done!

23rd Jan 2023

The Chitambo oxygen generator is up and running

Glad tidings of great joy!

23rd Dec 2022

Rotary support for the Mothers Waitong Shelter

Christmas Stock

10th Dec 2022

Penicuik Storehouse stall re-stocked

Christmas fundraiser

26th Nov 2022

Penicuik,Scotland, Streetfair stall

Update on oxygen shelter

16th Nov 2022

Installation of water a d electricity.

It's that pedal power time again!

15th Nov 2022

A 3rd Fundraising Cycle Ride and other Zambian-based events

Fun with fundraising in Scotland too!

10th Nov 2022

In aid of the Chitambo Mothers Waiting Shelter

Party time!

8th Nov 2022

Images from the Scotland Zambia (SCOZAP)'s recent Independence celebrations

Gobal Citizenship Twinning Project

8th Oct 2022

Between Lanarkshire, Scotland and Chitambo District

Chitambo in Penicuik!

15th Sep 2022

Chitambo District Health Director's visit to Scotland

Fundraising focus

4th Sep 2022

Recent fundraising activities


21st Aug 2022

Oxygen pipeline extended from hospital to generator

Oxygen pipeline installation

18th Aug 2022

The pipeline is going up ready for connection to the new oxygen generator


6th Aug 2022

On the oxygen generator shelter

FoCH has Friends!

26th Jul 2022

Zambian crafts delivered by 2 medical Consultants

Almost there!

22nd Jul 2022

Oxygen generator shelter roof is on

Pride of Zambia

11th Jul 2022

2 young Zambians graduate in Scotland

Getting there!

2nd Jul 2022

Completion of the oxygen generator shelter

New stock!

1st Jul 2022

At our FoCH stall at the Penicuik Storehouse

BMA Book Donation

1st Jul 2022

80 maternity care books abd 3 DVDs

Don't forget!

12th Jun 2022

Next Sunday's fundraising cycle ride

Back on track!

12th Jun 2022

Building of the oxygen generator shelter has restarted

Zambian-led fundraiser

27th May 2022

Anither sponsored cycle ride in aid of Chitambo Mothers to Be

New stock!

15th May 2022

Zambian crafts for our Penicuik Storehouse stall

Spring Fundraiser

4th May 2022

Stall at Penicuik Streetfair

Happy Easter

17th Apr 2022

From Friends of Chitambo

Oxygen update

7th Apr 2022

Progress with installing the plant and pipeline

FoCH in mourning

9th Mar 2022

For the loss of Chitambo midwife, Mrs Cecilia Mwape Musonda

Steady progress

25th Feb 2022

Towards installation of the oxygen plant and pipeline

The brains

18th Feb 2022

Behind the Chitambo oxygen generator plant


8th Feb 2022

Oxygen generator moved to its final place on the slab

The eagle has landed

6th Feb 2022

The oxygen generator is safely ensconced on the slab

Welcoming party

5th Feb 2022

For the oxygen generator

Moment of truth

5th Feb 2022

The oxygen generator arrives safely at Chitambo


5th Feb 2022

As the oxygen generator homes in on Chitambo

Last lap!

4th Feb 2022

The oxygen generator is on its last lap from Tunduma to Chitambo

Thank you BMA!

2nd Feb 2022

For our successful book application

Generator watch!

2nd Feb 2022

Tracking progress of the truck delivering the oxygen plant

Exciting news!

26th Jan 2022

About the delivery of the oxygen plant

They came

25th Jan 2022

Family Hernberg Baxter revisit Chitambo

Oxygen generator update

25th Jan 2022

Progress towards arrival and installation

Happy Birthday Megan

25th Jan 2022

50th birthday celebration at Chitambo

The scene is set

20th Jan 2022

Fir tge arrival of the oxygen generator

Quite a story!

17th Jan 2022

Baxter family revisit Chitambo


16th Jan 2022

To our 4 scholarship students

More progress

16th Jan 2022

On construction of the slab and shelter for the oxygen plant


8th Jan 2022

Construcgion if the skab and shelter for the Chitambo oxygen generator

Happy New Year, its all go!

31st Dec 2021

Preparing for installation of the oxygen plant

What a Christmas present!

20th Dec 2021

Getting closer to finalising the Chitambo oxygen generator project

Christmas fundraiser

8th Dec 2021

Oyr stall at the Penicuik Christmas Fair

Beyond urgent!

27th Nov 2021

Need for slab and shelter for the oxygen generator

NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference

24th Nov 2021

Better planetary health through global citizenship

A Time of Gifts

20th Nov 2021

Zambian Board Members Visit Scotland

Golden opportunity

20th Nov 2021

FoCH represented at Scottish Government Roundtable meeting with Minister

Remembering Irene

15th Nov 2021

Longstanding member, Irene Birt, has lost her husband Gerald

Job done!

9th Nov 2021

Our Crowdfunding Appwal ended today

Now or never!

8th Nov 2021

Our Crowdfunder Appeal ebds today

Last day!

7th Nov 2021

Crowdfunding Appeal for an oxygen pipeline!

Proudly Zambian

6th Nov 2021

President HH addresses the UK Diaspora

Final Push!

5th Nov 2021

To end of Crowdfunding project

President HH Live in London!

5th Nov 2021

HH addresses UK Zambians by livestream

Missed opportunity

2nd Nov 2021

Scottish Zambian DIiaspora meeting with President HH

7 days to go!

1st Nov 2021

Before the end of this Crowdfunding project


31st Oct 2021

Zambian government is funding the shelter for Chitambo's new oxygen plant

Independence Day Scenes

24th Oct 2021

Photos taken en route to the airport

What a Breakfast with Grace!

18th Oct 2021

Another successful FoCH fundraiser

Grace and Yonah in Conversation

18th Oct 2021

The David Livingstone Birthplace Museum' Black History Programne

Publicity for our Crowdfunding Appeal

25th Sep 2021

Fundraising for an oxygen pipeline for Chitambo Hospital Zambia

We did it! We live-launched our Crowdfunding appeal!

18th Sep 2021

Facebook live launch of our Crowdfunding Appeal for an oxygen pipeline for Chitambo Hospital

Live Project Launch: Breath Life into Chitambo:

15th Sep 2021

Fundraising for an Oxygen Pipeline fir Chitambo Hospital, Zambia

New Zambian President's Inauguration Ceremony

24th Aug 2021

President Hakainde Hichilema...HH...inaugurated today

Team Zambia leads the way on fundraising

24th Aug 2021

First £1,000 towards an oxygen pipeline for Chitambo Hospital

Pedal 4 Oxygen

21st Aug 2021

Sponsored cycle ride in Lusaka. Zambia, Sunday 22nd August

Zambia goes to the polls

9th Aug 2021

National elections on Thursday 12th August

Help is at hand

1st Aug 2021

Chitambo's oxygen generating plant prepares to leave Germany

Support Christian Aid to build back better

30th Jul 2021

Sign petition on vaccine equity for low income countries

Covid 19 claims the life of Chitambo District Chief

26th Jul 2021

Senior Chief Chitambo of the Lala-speaking People dies of covid

News about a book donation to Chitambo District schools

19th Jul 2021

Afric Parks donates thousands of books to primary schools

Chitambo ambulance maintenance

11th Jul 2021

The Chitambo Centenary Ambulance gets its annual service

Our hearts go out to Chitambo

3rd Jul 2021

Who are facing the deadly 3rd wave of the pandemic in Zambia

Hallelujah, we're Zambian registered!

28th Jun 2021

FoCH has succeeded in registering as an organisation in Zambia

Chitambo battles the 3rd wave

26th Jun 2021

Update on the pandemic at Chitambo and the FoCH team's good example

FoCH joins the world in mourning

18th Jun 2021

Dr Kenneth Kaunda, First Presidet of Zambia, passes on

Save Chitambo District's natural treasures

16th Jun 2021

Protest the destruction of Kasanka National Park for short term gain

Check out this good read

29th May 2021

Zambian girlhood memoir in the footsteps of Livingstone

'Waste to Wealth' documentary

14th May 2021

Video documentary about renewable energy in Zambia

Hats off to Team Zambia!

14th May 2021

Running a multipurpose meeting at Chitambo

Opened for business today!

10th May 2021

FoCH fundraising stall at the Storehouse, Penicuik, Scotland

What blessings!

30th Apr 2021

New secretary and fundraising potential

Knowledge into action on the frontline

29th Apr 2021

Hospital resource centre informs clinical decision-making by frontline staff

3 more nurses for Zambia

29th Apr 2021

Our 3 outgoing students have registered with the Zambian General Nursing Council

And that's not all

18th Mar 2021

20 more staff and community members trained in Community First Aid Response (CFAR)

Safe in their hands

18th Mar 2021

20 more Chitambo clinicians trained in WHO Basics Emergency Care

Happy Birthday to a true Friend

15th Mar 2021

Mrs Lily Musk's 90th birthday celebrations

Remembering Janet

12th Mar 2021

4th Anniversary of the passing of our Honorary President, Mrs Janet Knox

A high note to end on

8th Mar 2021

In-hospital Trauma and community First Aid training: Final activity of of our Emergency Care grant project

When a plan comes together!

22nd Feb 2021

Delivery of emergency oxygen equipment to Chitambo today

Chitambo is leading by example

21st Feb 2021

Chitambo-born Trustee accepts the coronavirus vaccination

Knowledge Broker pride!

10th Feb 2021

Dissemination of the Knowledge Broker component of our Chitambo Emergencycare project

A day to remember!

31st Jan 2021

Emergency PPE supplies arrive and scholarship students pass their finals

Mission accomplished

31st Jan 2021

VIital PPE supplies delivered to Chitambo Hospital, Zambia, today

The situation worsens

22nd Jan 2021

Coronavirus spreading at Chitambo

Urgent appeal update

22nd Jan 2021

Corona virus escalating at Chitambo

Urgent PPE appeal

21st Jan 2021

Appeal for PPE and oxygen supplies for Chitambo Hospital

Pure dedication

17th Jan 2021

FoCH Trustee's impressive dedication in meeting child health care needs in remotest clinica

All go for FoCH 2021

17th Jan 2021

Current and planned activities

FoCH Zambia Inaugural Board Meeting

4th Jan 2021

Inaugural meeting if the expanded end of the FoCh Board in Zambia

'Our' 3 scholarship student nurses finish their final exams

9th Nov 2020

FoCH supported students complete their 3-year Registered General Nurse (RGN) training

#THETConf Day 3

6th Oct 2020

3rd day of the THET global health conference: A decade to deliver

FoCH Walking Tall!

2nd Oct 2020

Learning from Day 2 of the THET Global Health Conference

THET Conference Day 1

1st Oct 2020

Outline of the key events of the first day if this global health conference

Virtual Global Health Conferences 2020

23rd Sep 2020

2 forthcoming virtual conferences on important global health issues

Congratulations Knowledge Brokers!

21st Sep 2020

Successful completion of the Knowledge Broker training programme

Ekasi: African students discuss their first impressions of Scotland

30th Aug 2020

A Zambian led initiative to promote cross cultural understanding

Thank you Penicuik!

26th Aug 2020

A thank you to the Penucuik, Scotland community for supporting our Street Fair event

He did it!

9th Jun 2020

Above-hip amputee, Richard Vallis, completed his 6k walking challenge yesterday (100 laps of his garden) with a small celebration, cheered and serenaded by socially-distanced neighbours.

Mission Accomplished: PPE Delivery Arrives at Chitambo!

26th May 2020

Friends of Chitambo has supported a delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Chitambo Hospital

Three Charities Walk: Raising Funds during Lockdown

14th May 2020

Friends of Chitambo Trustee Richard Vallis is undertaking a fantastic fundraising effort in support of three great organisations in Zambia and Scotland!

Meeting with New UK Minister for International Development

5th Apr 2020

Thank you to FoCH member, Agnes, Board Member @IntDevAlliance, for representing us at a meeting with Ann Marie Trevelyan, new UK Minister for International Development.

Reported Cases of COVID-19 in Zambia

5th Apr 2020

Numbers of reported cases of COVID-19 rise to 39 in Zambia, with one death.

Remembering Our Honorary President

5th Apr 2020

Friends of Chitambo remembers our beloved Honorary President Mrs Janet Knox on this the 3rd anniversary of her passing

Global Health Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda

9th Feb 2020

Firstly Friends of Chitambo extends a HUGE thanks to our esteemed Secretary, Ms Mudenda Munkombwe, for facilitating an opportunity for our Zambian-based Trustee, Mr Levi Chifwaila, to attend a wonderful Global Health workshop in Kigali, Rwanda!

Welcome to our New Members and Trustee!

9th Feb 2020

Friends of Chitambo is delighted to welcome four wonderful new members, including one new Trustee/Board Member, and three new General Members.

Fundraising Seminar: Doctor Naomi Haynes discusses Religion and Politics in Zambia

25th Nov 2019

Dr. Naomi Haynes joined Friends of Chitambo supporters for our latest fundraising seminar focusing on the dynamics of religion and politics in Zambia.

Friends of Chitambo Annual General Meeting 2019

25th Nov 2019

Friends of Chitambo Trustees and supporters gathered in Penicuik Library for the Annual AGM 2019.

NHS Global Health Citizenship Conference

25th Nov 2019

Wonderful to see over 200 Scottish NHS delegates attending the 2nd NHS Global Health Citizenship Conference

X-Ray Machine Appeal

3rd Nov 2019

Patients currently cannot be x-rayed because Chitambo Hospital's x-ray machine is not working

CEFAR First Responder Training at Chitambo Hospital

9th Oct 2019

After successful completion of the Capetown-based WHO BASICS (BEC) In-Hospital Trauma Training at Chitambo Hospital, Central Zambia last week, staff and community members have undertaken a second week of valuable CEFAR First Responder Training.

Scottish Government International Development Report Published

25th Sep 2019

Friends of Chitambo collaborations acknowledged in the 2018/19 Scottish Government's Contribution to International Development Report!

WHO BASICS In-Hospital Training in Chitambo

25th Sep 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli's training is underway at Chitambo Hospital with the WHO BASICS (BEC) In-Hospital Trauma training course.

Planning Meeting for Emergency Care Training at Chitambo Hospital

25th Sep 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli and her team of emergency care specialists have arrived at Chitambo Hospital and are preparing to deliver emergency care training from 23rd September, 2019, for two weeks.

Emergency Care Training in Chitambo

25th Sep 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli and her team of emergency care specialists arrive in Zambia and prepare to head to Chitambo District, Central Zambia, to deliver emergency care training to staff at Chitambo Hospital.

Virtual Doctors Telehealth Development

25th Sep 2019

Virtual Doctors is now providing telehealth support to Chitambo District, providing isolated clinicians extra support with managing challenging cases.

Surgical Face Masks Arrive in Chitambo

25th Sep 2019

Surgical face masks have successfully been delivered from Scotland to Chitambo Hospital and will see staff through until next year.

Friends of Chitambo at the Annual Penicuik Street Fair

18th Aug 2019

Friends of Chitambo were pleased to join other local organisations at the annual Penicuik Street Fair

Two-week Eye Camp in Chitambo Underway

18th Aug 2019

Local collaboration between Friends of Chitambo and Vision Aid Overseas to support health projects in Chitambo

Medical handbooks destined for Chitambo district

14th Jul 2019

10 copies of the African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AfEM) Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care are destined for Chitambo District.

Water Supply Restored to Chitambo Hospital

1st Jul 2019

A big thank you and thumbs up to Mr Boniface Kapilya, Head Ambulance Driver, and his colleague Mr Kanche, for restoring the water supply to Chitambo Hospital.

Graduation of Founding Trustee

1st Jul 2019

Founding Friends of Chitambo Trustee Levi Chifwaila graduates at the University of Zambia. Congratulations from all Chitambo partners, Levi!

Vision Aid Overseas in Chitambo

1st Jul 2019

Vision Aid Overseas will offer a two-week eye camp in Chitambo District in August: one week at Chitambo Hospital and a second week within the district.

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1st Mar 2019

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