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Fundraising Seminar: Doctor Naomi Haynes discusses Religion and Politics in Zambia

25th November 2019

Dr. Naomi Haynes joined Friends of Chitambo supporters for our latest fundraising seminar focusing on the dynamics of religion and politics in Zambia.

Friends of Chitambo Annual General Meeting 2019

25th November 2019

Friends of Chitambo Trustees and supporters gathered in Penicuik Library for the Annual AGM 2019.

NHS Global Health Citizenship Conference

25th November 2019

Wonderful to see over 200 Scottish NHS delegates attending the 2nd NHS Global Health Citizenship Conference

X-Ray Machine Appeal

3rd November 2019

Patients currently cannot be x-rayed because Chitambo Hospital's x-ray machine is not working

CEFAR First Responder Training at Chitambo Hospital

9th October 2019

After successful completion of the Capetown-based WHO BASICS (BEC) In-Hospital Trauma Training at Chitambo Hospital, Central Zambia last week, staff and community members have undertaken a second week of valuable CEFAR First Responder Training.

Scottish Government International Development Report Published

25th September 2019

Friends of Chitambo collaborations acknowledged in the 2018/19 Scottish Government's Contribution to International Development Report!

WHO BASICS In-Hospital Training in Chitambo

25th September 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli's training is underway at Chitambo Hospital with the WHO BASICS (BEC) In-Hospital Trauma training course.

Planning Meeting for Emergency Care Training at Chitambo Hospital

25th September 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli and her team of emergency care specialists have arrived at Chitambo Hospital and are preparing to deliver emergency care training from 23rd September, 2019, for two weeks.

Emergency Care Training in Chitambo

25th September 2019

Dr. Morgan Broccoli and her team of emergency care specialists arrive in Zambia and prepare to head to Chitambo District, Central Zambia, to deliver emergency care training to staff at Chitambo Hospital.

Virtual Doctors Telehealth Development

25th September 2019

Virtual Doctors is now providing telehealth support to Chitambo District, providing isolated clinicians extra support with managing challenging cases.

Surgical Face Masks Arrive in Chitambo

25th September 2019

Surgical face masks have successfully been delivered from Scotland to Chitambo Hospital and will see staff through until next year.

Friends of Chitambo at the Annual Penicuik Street Fair

18th August 2019

Friends of Chitambo were pleased to join other local organisations at the annual Penicuik Street Fair

Two-week Eye Camp in Chitambo Underway

18th August 2019

Local collaboration between Friends of Chitambo and Vision Aid Overseas to support health projects in Chitambo

Medical handbooks destined for Chitambo district

14th July 2019

10 copies of the African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AfEM) Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care are destined for Chitambo District.

Water Supply Restored to Chitambo Hospital

1st July 2019

A big thank you and thumbs up to Mr Boniface Kapilya, Head Ambulance Driver, and his colleague Mr Kanche, for restoring the water supply to Chitambo Hospital.

Graduation of Founding Trustee

1st July 2019

Founding Friends of Chitambo Trustee Levi Chifwaila graduates at the University of Zambia. Congratulations from all Chitambo partners, Levi!

Vision Aid Overseas in Chitambo

1st July 2019

Vision Aid Overseas will offer a two-week eye camp in Chitambo District in August: one week at Chitambo Hospital and a second week within the district.

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1st March 2019

Our new website is fast, easy to navigate and designed to make it easy for you to find out what Friends of Chitambo are working on. Built with open source software and powered by Contentful.